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I'm Ricardo, aka Mista SLick, aka SLick Productionz.

I've been in the music business for over 20 years. From DJing gigs to recording local artists in the studio, I have successfully recorded, mixed, and mastered many projects. And executed the dance floor with my DJ skills. I invest countless hours into my craft to bring you the best audio quality or DJ money can buy. Although I have bills to pay just like you, with me it ain't so much about the money. You see, this is my life and this is what I love to do. And I'm good at doing it. Don't believe me? Just go see the Google reviews from my other clients, they'll tell yah. Or listen to my music on Youtube or other streaming platforms. You'll see. So, whether I'm recording your vocals in the booth or bringing your party to life as the DJ, just know that I'm doing it with pride, passion, and love, but most of all, I'm doing it with and for YOU because YOU trusted ME to get the job done. Thanks for reading this. Hope to connect with you soon!

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Who is this guy?

For over the better part of a decade, Ricardo Moniz aka Mista SLick has dedicated his life to the music industry. Fueled onwards and upwards by sheer curiosity, creativity, passion, and pride, Mista SLick has crafted a loyal fan-base that dances to any rhythm he produces. What makes his skillset more impressive is the fact that he learned everything from doing it himself – he got all his tech-related knowledge from building computers and using his parents old school house speakers for DJ gigs to become an independent recording artist, song writer, beat maker, audio engineer, and eventually, CEO of his own business – ‘SLick Productionz LLC’. During his early school years, SLick was singing and performing on stage at every opportunity he got, which gave him the confidence that has propelled him this far in his career. In 2016, SLick enrolled into college & earned a Bachelor's of Science degree graduating with a 3.73GPA in the Audio Production Program at Full Sail University. He was also nominated and awarded with the "Advanced Achievement" & "Course Director" awards for going above and beyond on every course he studied. 

SLick aspires to continue his musical journey in hopes that he can use his music and skillset as a tool to empower those who listen to it or work with him. He aims that everyone who listens to his work becomes filled with positivity and hope and that they are able to translate these positive feelings into positive and meaningful experiences in their respective lives.

Let's Connect

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

+1(508) 974-3301

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